Challenges of globalization, competition, cost, volatility and market shifts cause continuous pressure for the automotive industry.

Most major car companies are more data driven now than any time in the automotive industry's history. In-car sensors, GPS tracking, automated manufacturing processes, and more are producing vast volumes of data that can be analysed to gain insight across the value chain. Companies can use the demand data to adjust production schedules, tweak marketing campaigns, and minimize inventory, greatly increasing profit margins in a very competitive industry. Contextual Data analytic techniques need to be incorporated into the driver behavioural analytics to create new metrics that might be better predictors of product performance and driver behaviours.

Data provides a huge opportunity to understand what buyers want in real time, that’s the power of analytics: tying together data from marketing, sales, production and supply chain systems to offer up-to-the-minute insights on any business development project.

Due to the unlimited availability of data at organizations, businesses rely on analytics solutions to draw conclusions and to help their decision making process. As evident from companies that benefited from lowered operating expenses, boosted customer service, increased revenue and improved their processes, a significant return on investment can be enjoyed by those who employ analytics.

LivesensePro's Analytics solutions enables auto makers to derive value from this data by extracting information from latent data online, inside the vehicle, or at the plant to better understand product usage, preferences, and manufacturing processes to ensure quality and customer satisfaction.

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