Smart Information Management

LivesensePro software is comprehensive, powerful, quick to implement and user friendly.

LivesensePro solutions are intuitively designed to meet business requirements that users can start using quickly and even adapt it to meet their changing needs. Today's reporting requirements demand solutions that make it possible to consolidate and analyze data from across your business to measure overall performance and support informed decision-making. As a business leader, a 360 degree view of your organization is critical for survival and growth. To ensure your company is meeting set business goals, you must stay wired on the up-to-date on performance status across the entire enterprise. Our LivesensePro solutions just do that - help you be up-to-date with the performance status of your enterprise.

LivesensePro Overview - Reports, Data Visualization, Analysis and Planning

LivesensePro Enterprise suite is an easy-to-use business intelligence (BI) and performance management (PM) front-end user interface that enables business executives to perform standard and ad hoc analysis, planning, forecasting, reporting and dashboarding tasks from their desktops, on the Web or even from their mobile device.

Designed with business professionals in mind

LivesensePro Enterprise Suite gives business professionals self-service access to the information they need to do their jobs effectively. The front-end application is highly scalable, and works on Windows PCs, on the Web or even on smart phones and tablet. LivesensePro Enterprise Suite provides you with a wide range of visualization and layout options for building informative reports.

Thanks to its intuitive graphical interface, business users can start using the software quickly to leverage its powerful functions for analysis, planning and reporting.

Using LivesensePro Enterprise Suite, you can easily build sophisticated management executive business dashboards or multi-language reports. You can also create analyses that integrate information from different cubes, contain context-sensitive links to reports and folders, or even display websites, text files, images or other applications based on defined parameters.

You can use LivesensePro Enterprise Suite to display your data any way you please. Choose from tables and charts in many different combinations, layouts and formats. In addition to creating rich ABC analyses, top-ten or top-value rankings, gauges and key performance indicator (KPI) visualizations, you can also view your data from different angles using features that allow you to drill-through, slice and dice, drill down, roll up and make fast selections. You can also use application for planning using LivesensePro enterprise Suite’s built-in ‘splashing’ features for automatic, top-down data allocation.

To promote effective, secure teamwork, you can centrally administer all reports, users and access rights in LivesensePro Enterprise Suite. This component also allows you to schedule and automatically distribute reports based on the user’s individual access rights.

LivesensePro Regent

LivesensePro Regent provides the means of delivering a user friendly meta-data layer over your complex enterprise databases for quick report building by the non-technical business users. LivesensePro Regent combines and consolidates data from many different operational source systems (e.g. SAP, CRM, FAS, point of sales, accounting, ERP) and creates a clean, multidimensional pool of information. Building staging areas and writing back to relational databases is easy with LivesensePro Regent.

LivesensePro Omnivue

LivesensePro Omnivue supports the unique needs of power users, report consumers and management through a single intergrated utility. This integrated technology boasts seamless interoperability in Windows and Web environments. The wizard driven functionalities and Drag and Drop capabilities makes it very easy to learn and user friendly.

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