Modern information services with LivesensePro software

Today’s companies use Business Intelligence to support a wide range of departments including finance, sales, marketing, logistics, human resources or production. But even professional service providers who offer analytics, benchmarking or reporting services as part of their business models have realized its potential. After all, BI is the answer to transforming complicated Excel-based reporting processes into modern, flexible, real-time information services.

With LivesensePro information services software you can quickly create a central pool of analytical data and use its built-in functionalities to perform ad hoc analyses or generate and distribute reports. By publishing intuitive dashboards through the Web, you can provide self-service access to current, reliable, detailed information on clients, franchise owners, dealerships, stores or even market multiples.

LivesensePro technology at work

Through its open architecture, flexibility and its state-of-the-art Web technology, LivesensePro provides many advantages for deploying modern, scalable information services.

LivesensePro Overview

LivesensePro Regent

LivesensePro Regent provides the means of delivering a user friendly meta-data layer over your complex enterprise databases for quick report building by the non-technical business users. LivesensePro Regent combines and consolidates data from many different operational source systems (e.g. SAP, CRM, FAS, point of sales, accounting, ERP) and creates a clean, multidimensional pool of information. Building staging areas and writing back to relational databases is easy with LivesensePro Regent.

LivesensePro Omnivue

LivesensePro Omnivue supports the unique needs of power users, report consumers and management through a single intergrated utility. This integrated technology boasts seamless interoperability in Windows and Web environments. The wizard driven functionalities and Drag and Drop capabilities makes it very easy to learn and user friendly.

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