With globalization happening more quicker than one can realise, the changes pose a major challenge to local industry and it is pushing the manufacturing sector to its next transformation. To be more competitive, manufacturers need to embrace emerging technologies, such as advanced analytics based approaches, to improve their efficiency and productivity.

As the different sector usher towards “Internet of Things”, data has become more accessible and ubiquitous, contributing to the big data environment. This phenomenon necessitates the right approach and tools to convert data into useful and actionable information to gain meaningful insights.

Businesses in the manufacturers sector can take advantage of advanced analytics to increase yeild, reduce process flaws, increase cost savings, time, money and identify new opportunities. Most companies collect vast volumes of data but typically use them only for some specific purposes, not as a basis for improving operations.

Advanced Analytics can benefit an organization towards:
  • Quality Improvement
  • Demand Forecast
  • Machine Utilization
  • Preventive Maintenance in the Factory
  • Down time planning
  • Mitigate MTBF
  • Increase Productivity
  • Optimize resource utilization
  • Plan Inventory and Logistics

LivesensePro helps businesses in the manufcaturing sector with advanced analytic solutions to address operational transformation challenges and act as an agent of change.

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