Traditionally, Insurance companies measure risk by evaluating exposure. Performance almost wholly depended on intuition, opinion and underwriting expertise. Analytics helps insurance companies manage underwriting risks based on real time information about the customers, contextual macro and micro environments influencing the risks.

Real time information and analytics can help companies reduce risk upfront, manage risk at renewal and claims, and identify new market opportunities by better predicting policyholder behaviour. Insurance companies recognize the increasing reliance on data, but sorting through petabytes of unstructured, unformatted data for useful information can be slow and costly. To keep up in an increasingly competitive market, there is a need for insights faster than ever.

Our in-database analytic solutions offer a modern solution for accessing and preparing diverse data for analysis. Resulting analysis can provide insights into complex fraud, impending risks, portfolio valuations and improve investment management with a 360-degree view of your customers.

The rise of big data means that we are entering the era of machine learning. Data-driven decision making, enables managers to respond quickly and consistently to changing circumstances, one that can mean the difference between success and failure. Uncertainty is almost always associated with Risk, Customers and Finance. Any insight into these key areas of insurance can significantly provide an edge over others.

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