Reporting and Data Visualization

Ad hoc analysis and enterprise reporting

As part of your job, you have to detect unusual developments, explain them and even take actions to counter them. That’s why LivesensePro provides the sophisticated analytics and scheduled or event-driven reports you need to work more effectively.

Simple, intuitive analysis

Creating analyses, reportings and management dashboards in LivesensePro is easy. You simply select from various combinations of tables and charts in different layouts and formats. LivesensePro offers rich BI functionalities including built-in analytics, multilanguage reports and context-sensitive links to reports and folders. What’s more, you can automatically publish your findings throughout your company.

Rich, ad hoc functionality
  • Get new perspectives on business data using slice/dice, drill-down/roll-up and fast selection options
  • Recognize outliers and top performers through gauges and top-ten rankings
  • Enter and automatically distribute budget values through top-down allocations
  • Access detailed data directly by drilling through to source data
  • Use client rules and create calculations within a specific report without changing the OLAP data model
  • Automatically adapt reportings (e.g. adjusting months) with element containers
  • Link reports using global dimensions
  • Create management reports with guided, context-sensitive analyses in minutes

This executive dashboard visualizes sales, personnel and finance KPIs in a variety of chart types that use a coordinated color palette.

Executive BI Dashboard

This Web report is 100% interoperable in Windows environments as well. Updates are highly granular thanks to the underlying Ajax technology.

Executive BI Dashboard

This waterfall chart breaks down profitability based on select income sheet items over the past three years.

Executive BI Dashboard
Automatic report distribution saves time and money

With LivesensePro EBIS, you can provide everyone – from casual report consumers to top management – the information they need, how and when they need it. You can easily distribute reports and dashboards, spontaneously or at scheduled intervals, in your choice of Office, PDF, CSV, XML or HTML formats. Using its rich, built-in functionality, you can free yourself from time-consuming routine tasks, simplify the process of preparing reports, and keep everyone supplied with up-to-date information.

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