LivesensePro offers industry-specific analytics and applications for key vertical markets. Our advanced analytics solutions are specific to your business domain, industry sector, data and time. We help you get to insights faster, reuse your investments smartly, and start accelerating solutions to achieve measurable business outcomes, operationalize insights and continuously move your business forward.

We have deep expertise in a range of industries such as Banking, Telecoms, Insurance, Pharmaceutical, Utilities, Manufacturing and Automotive:


Banks and Financial Institutions across the world face tremendous challenges due to volume of data available. Like other sectors, banks and financial institutions have a need to develop new methods to translate data into useful insights that can be used to leverage it's decision-making process.

Financial service firms benefit with big gains when they capture the full value of Data Analytics. Banks and Financial Institutions that store and process huge volumes of data have better insight into both their risks and opportunities. The business intelligence platform and in-database solutions offered by LivesensePro help financial service firms:

  • Increase overall performance
  • Manage Default Risk
  • Improve Customer Up-sell and Cross-Sell
  • Detect Money Laundering & Fraud


Most Telecom companies are focusing on using internal data to implement analytics programs that enable them to measure the actual use of their resources in order to optimize their network. Data collected on network performance, service levels, customer usage, complaints, transactions, social media, revenue assurance when analysed well can provided deep insights into the over business. Typical areas of interset for Telecom businesses include fidelity enhancement (+ churn rate optimization), lifetime value segmentation, up-selling and cross-selling.

LivesensePro analytics solutions offer telecommunications companies more analytical power to:

  • Analyze Call Detail Records (CDRs)
  • Service Transmission Infrastructure
  • Develop New Products And Services
  • Rationalize Infrastructure Investments
  • Strengthen revenue assurance and
  • Detect revenue leakage
  • Improve monetization


The insurance business has always involved huge volumes of data. Data is captured through multiple channels (structured data, customer care centers, emails, social networks, the web in general).

Insurance companies aim to improve decision making and setting fairer and more efficient premiums for their customers. Analysis of textual contents with structured data (stored in conventional databases) to improve decision-making is a major challenge insurance companies have to face.Today's insurance companies are using data analaytics to overcome the challenges of decision making and improve customer engagement.

LivensensePro solutions allows insurance companies to:

  • Get an overall view of their customers
  • Enhance Agent Productivity
  • Detect and fight fraud
  • Reduce risk
  • Proactively lower risk of moral hazard


Retrospective decision making is costing revenue losses for the Pharmaceutical and Life sciences industry. There is a need to to translate disparate, unstructured data into actionable intelligence and base critical business decisions on intelligence derived from available data. Businesses in the Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences industry are analyzing data to reduce costs, address problems related to variability in healthcare quality, and escalate healthcare spending. These activities benefit the sector to evaluate which treatments are most effective, among other important information like launch parameters, criteria etc.

LivesensePro helps pharmaceutical companies overcome challenges of translating disparate, unstructured data into actionable intelligence:

  • Integrated data discovery
  • Efficient internal and external collaboration
  • Leverage informed decision support system
  • Employ new discovery technologies
  • Deploy and Integrate data from sensors and devices
  • Improve clinical-trial efficiency
  • Proactively manage safety and risks


Energy efficiency is a global challenge. Energy Intelligence, in terms of demand prediction and consumption control, is one of the keys to achieve it.Utility companies have to optimally balance supply and demand points. This creates a need to innovate business processes through data analytics and analytics-driven operational excellence to increase agility and responsiveness, reduce operational costs and improve asset reliability.

By using analytics, utilities can get a 360 degree view about each of their assets, such as history, maintenance records and operating condition data. This information can be combined in new ways to provide insights to help improve planning, construction, operations and maintenance practices. Such innovations will help utilities shift from conventional and expensive time-based asset management, where network repairs are done on schedule regardless of how much useful life is left in an asset, to a more informed reliability-based approach of making repairs when they are actually needed. Moreover a coordinated cross-enterprise vision can help reduce IT costs.


Automotive companies have responded to technological advancements and customer behaviour and reorganized supply chains to improve efficiency to re-establish themselves and grow their market share. In this new world, companies with effective product development processes that can produce cars efficiently and deliver them to markets around the world will be successful.

Efficiency in the automotive industry reflect intelligence, smartness, high performance, eco-friendly, audio video experience, telematics, mobility, social media and analytics. It is about providing innovative engineering solutions in a cost effective package.

LivensensePro's smart data analytic solutions helps automotive manufacturers in leveraging in-database analytic technologies to optimize their core operations while adapting new technologies.

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