Business Intelligence & Analytics

Extracting real business value from data

As database technology has advanced over the years making room for large amounts, conventional methods are not capable of proceessing this data easily and quickly. In today's context if the data cannot be processed quickly the data is as good as useless.

Advanced data technologies combined with real time analysis on very complex data sets and models has transformed the way data is processed and value extracted from it.

Business Analytics on key areas

With a steady fall in the cost of data-capture, and fierce competition within it's sector, businesses are under increasing pressure to gain a competitive advantage through the implementation of business-focused big data strategies to accelerate growth and engage customers. Enterprises are forced to focus thier attention on key areas like:

  • All round view of the customer
  • Big data and how to use and extract value from it
  • Real-time big data and IoT
  • Machine learning and predictive models
  • Enterprise architecture and aligning technology
  • Data governance and the Regulatory changes and data governance
  • Digital transformation and it's impact on the business culture
Rapid action and data efficiency

To succeed, businesses rely on integrated, precise and timely information. By delivering relevant, focused, and appropriate information, LivesensePro's structured business analytic solutions help companies make informed business decisions rapidly.

By performing the analytics directly where the data resides without the need to move it, we implement in-database analytic techniques to deliver outstanding business value and unprecedented savings in time, cost and resources.

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